Our atmosphere extends from the Earth’s surface to the edge of outer space more than 60 miles (100 km) above ground level.  But many of the processes that drive and control the behavior of the atmosphere occur at or near the surface.  Scientists at ATDD perform investigations to measure and predict how atmospheric processes in the near surface boundary layer affect weather, climate and air quality.

Wind Energy

Scientists at ATDD have conducted research in cooperation with energy companies to enhance the efficiency of wind turbines by improving the forecast capabilities of wind speeds at the hub height of large wind turbines.  ATDD’s expertise in the measurement and prediction of the behavior of the atmosphere near the Earth’s surface has led to increased wind turbine efficiencies through improved operational support for wind energy production.
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Surface-Layer Meteorology {blue shadow down and left}

Surface-Layer Meteorology {blue shadow down and right}

Surface-Layer Meteorology {blue shadow up and right}

Wind Energy


Unmanned Aircraft

Thunderstorm Initiation