Photo of Bruce Baker

Senior Scientist, Research Meteorologist,
and Climate Information Specialist


UAS Technology and Boundary Layer Research
NIDIS Drought and Soil Moisture
US Climate Reference Network (USCRN)

Office: (865) 220-1728

Current Research

My current interests are developing climate observing systems, climate variability, enhancing our understanding of drought, and the use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for boundary layer research.

A listing of publications is available in pdf format here.


College of Engineering, University of Michigan, MI

PhD., Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, 1983

M.S. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, 1980

B.S. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, 1978

Professional Experience

Senior Scientist October 2020

Director, NOAA/OAR/ARL/ATDD April 2009 – September 2020

Vice President of the WMO Committee on Instruments, Measurements and Observations 2010-2014

Chair of the AMS Committee on Measurements, Instrumentation, and Observations 1987-1993, 2001-2007, 2010-2018

Research Meteorologist and
Climate Information Specialist
National Centers for Environmental Information

August 1991 – present

Chief Scientist for the Climate Reference Network
January 1999 – April 2009

Adjunct Professor University of North Carolina at Asheville
January 1995 – June 1995

Research Meteorologist – NOAA
August 1986 – August 1991

Adjunct Professor North Carolina State University
September 1990

Instructor – University of Michigan
January 1984 – May 1984

Post Doctoral Fellow – University of Michigan
September 1983 – December 1983

2013 University Of Michigan Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering Department
Alumni of the Year Lecture

Specs for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Specs for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Figure 1 from SPICE article

SPICE testbeds

Centaur aircraft flying low over Alaska tundra

Centaur aircraft flying low over Alaska tundra