US Climate Reference Network Data for:
Lincoln (Spring Creek Prairie Site), Nebraska

Site photo of Lincoln NE  - Spring Creek Prairie Site

Latitude 40.695497, Longitude -96.854043
Partial eclipse start: 11:36 AM
Total eclipse: 1:01 PM – 1:04 PM Duration: 2m 13.3s
Partial eclipse end: 2:29 PM

Central Daylight Time

Map showing location of Lincoln (Spring Creek Prairie site), Nebraska

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Conditions were variable, with scattered and broken mid-level clouds coming in and out, with winds from the south at 8-10 mph, with only a small decrease at the eclipse time.

Environmental Effects:
  • Air temperature decreased 6.1ºF
  • Surface IR temperature decreased 16.2ºF
  • Relative humidity increased 12%

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Graph of NE Lincoln 11 SW air temperatures

Relative Humidity

Graph of NE Lincoln 11 SW relative humidity

Solar Radiation

Graph of NE Lincoln 11 SW solar radiation

Wind Speed

Graph of NE Lincoln 11 SW wind speed