US Climate Reference Network Data for:
Lincoln, Nebraska (University of Nebraska – Prairie Pines Site)

Site photo of Lincoln NE  - Prairie Pines Site

Latitude 40.84851, Longitude -96.56501
Partial eclipse start: 11:37 AM
Total eclipse: 1:03 PM – 1:03 PM Duration: 0m 31.5s
Partial eclipse end: 2:29 PM

Central Daylight Time

Map showing location of Lincoln (Prairie Pines site), Nebraska

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Conditions were variable, with scattered and broken mid-level clouds coming in and out, with winds from the south at 3 mph, with only a small decrease at the eclipse time.

Environmental Effects:
  • Air temperature decreased 5.8ºF
  • Surface IR temperature decreased 12.1ºF
  • Relative humidity increased 13%

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Graph of NE Lincoln  8 ENE air temperatures

Relative Humidity

Graph of NE Lincoln  8 ENE relative humidity

Solar Radiation

Graph of NE Lincoln  8 ENE solar radiation

Wind Speed

Graph of NE Lincoln  8 ENE wind speed