Site photo for RI Kingston sites

NOTE: When the network was first designed, the intent was to have a series of 250 dual sites across the country; the purpose of these dual sites was to assist in doing intercomparison studies at sites that were so close by. However, such a network configuration turned out to be unsustainable, but, it was decided to keep the first 7 of these dual sites in place the ability to be able to do some limited intercomparison studies as needed.
Data on this page is provided by the site designated as RI Kingston 1 NW.

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Temperature as of site standard local time:

(add an hour for Daylight Savings Time)

C   ( F)

24-Hour Precipitation:


Official Site Name

Location and Vector

State map location for RI Kingston sites

Installation Date

December 16, 2001

Local Site Host

University of Rhode Island

Current and Past Sensor Data